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Parquet Life is a reliable company that offers new products and guaranteed, buy directly in our store, the prices include shipping so you have no surprises !!!!

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Thanks to our program, you can generarti the quote, so there are no surprises, but if you want to buy directly the prior chosen, you can buy it directly, you will be entitled to a discount of 20%.

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Thanks to our system then find, share, and post your own work equipment, to find the one closest to you, the feedback will help you choose the best!

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Creating realistic images obtained through the inclusion of architectural models made in in3D computers, set in real photos to assess the impact, we provide maintenance and service of professional machines!

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ParquetLife is a company that was founded in 2000 in Bologna specialized in laying parquet that now boasts a solid experience both in the Italian context.
Our reliability is the long record of work carried out by searching for perfection from time to time. We have so far worked to satisfy every need and we work successfully for the effort we put in creating our product. The high level of craftsmanship and artisan creativity allow special attention to the diversification of interventions so as to make possible a wide range of achievements and laying parquet.

In most of today we intend to offer our customers a great innovation: more competitive services at prices of laying parquet shops, since the materials are purchased directly from our website. One of our employees will always be available on live chat to answer questions in order to make dynamic and attentive to the request from the beginning.

Parquetlife.com comes from the collaboration between various artisan companies in the region that have made in-time knowledge and refinement of techniques in balance with the use of high quality raw materials.

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